What we do

Well, we do a lot actually, but to narrow it down, we re-design your existing floor plan by remodeling the specified area or simply restoring the spaces you love. We combine your daily lifestyle with the most current design trends to create your dream home! With HOME AGAIN INTERIORS, you can be assured you are getting great quality and the professional service you deserve. 

Why we do it

When we purchased our home 10 years ago, we did so with the idea of what our home “could“ be. Though we loved it, we knew there would have to be some changes. So we added a 4th bedroom, painted the rooms and added some new furniture and decor. Though it looked nice, there was something that still drove me crazy...the kitchen. 

The heart of the house. The main gathering spot. It drove me insane because no matter how hard I tried to make it look nice, I always felt lost in it. It is a U-shaped kitchen and had a lot of counter space. Too much actually,  The oven was across the room from the sink (about 9 feet from each other, which made it tough carrying a pot full of boiling water to the sink) and the refrigerator was placed next to the entry of the pantry, which was also the entrance to the garage. When we’d open the refrigerator door, it blocked the pantry door more than halfway (which was quite annoying when one is bringing in groceries and the other is trying to place them in the fridge). I realized our kitchen wasn’t functioning well for us and was poorly designed so,  I decided it was time to remodel. 

We moved the refrigerator a few feet to the left and surrounded it with panrty cabinets. Moved our oven to the left side of the sink ( on the left side of the “U”) and placed the dishwasher on the right side of the sink. WOW! So simple and it felt completely different in there. I didnt feel so “lost” in our kitchen anymore.

It was then I thought “I want to do this for other people”.

Remodeling spaces is not about the decor and making it look nice, it’s about function and lifestyle, what works best for you in that space. 

We do this because we love transformation and it’s FUN. It’s an incredible feeling to work hard on a project and the end result is exactly as you pictured it.


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